The OCR Christmas wishlist!

Shoes, tickets, socks and more

Christmas is upon us and the question I continue to struggle answering followed along: “what’s your wish list?!”. I didn’t quite know, but when I sat down and put some thoughts together a rather OCR specific list came along. After some requests about gear recommendations from other athletes, I decided to extend my personal wish list to a more general one for OCR athletes. So here goes – the OCR top 10 Christmas list, an easy link to send to friends and family if you’re an OCR athlete, OCR nerd or OCR addict like myself!

1. shoes

What to look for?

When it comes to OCR, men are probably as crazy about (trail)shoes as women are about regular shoes! Personally I got about 7 pairs of Inov8’s hanging around for all kinds of fun! When you’re buying a shoe for running OCR, there’s 3 primary things to look for: drainage, weight and grip. The shoe needs to be capable of getting rid of water FAST and have a rubber sole that will stick to most surfaces, even when muddy and wet.

I’ll recommend everyone to have more than just 1 pair of shoes for OCR. Different terrains and distances requires different shoes!

2. Warm stuff!

Base Layers

Can you get enough base layers!?

Actually, yes you can. If you’re smart about it, you want need that much. I’m a merino guy for 3 reasons:
– Suuuper comfortable
– Rarely smelly
– Keeps me WARM

I don’t wear any tech-fit fancy gear and you can get inspired for merino base layers here

Outer Layers

Water proof, wind proof, reflective or none of it – what makes a good outer layer?

The answer isn’t simple and neither is my wardrobe. I have shells to take out wind AND rain, only rain or wind jackets and also a very warm jacket. So find out exactly what YOU need and be specific. Get inspired here: Inov8 jackets

3. Become a real #fan

What the heck does that mean?!
  1. A printed and signed photo of Jonathan Albon, Leon Kofoed and Ryan Atkins racing in Christmas sweaters! Or wait, maybe not. But a printed “book” or calendar with the best OCR photos (there’s plenty, don’t worry!) of yourself, your friends or your idols – that’s a personal and cool gift!

    Tip: Simply get a hold of their Instagram or have the lucky guy/girl send you some of their favorite muddy shots in high quality. Use a question like “I want to see more of what OCR is like, can you send me some of your best race photos?” – they’ll never know!

4. Race tickets

Get yo tickets today, despite COVID!

Race tickets for basically ANY obstacle racing event!
This is the one present any OCR addict will love, disregarding if it’s your small town local OCR event or one of the bigger race organizers. If you want to really spoil someone, maybe a season pass, a minor race series or a championship event. I’d recommend to especially support organizers who have pushed through in 2020, like Red Bull Conquer the Castle or Reborn OCR.

5. The gift you give yourself

Treat yourself!

Maybe my favorite gift to get every year, is the gift I give myself.

I definitely recommend everyone to go big on this one and get a new Garmin sports watch, a full weekend OCR vacation/trip, a training bootcamp (join me in Spain!) or something like that!

6. Take care of the machine!

Sports massage?

Sports therapy and massage – for those sore forearms or calfs!

Everyone deserves a massage after having trained and trained for their next race. This gift will go well with any OCR athlete, especially the ones with a little ache here and there.

Self-massage equipment

Therraguns or magic inflatable boots?

I’m not all about spending my entire cash holdings on funky recovery fads, but if YOU think one of these tools is the way to go, then get getting! Or hey, how about 2 sessions with a physiotherapist to pick their brains?!

7. #getagrip


It’s time to #getagrip and help your OCR buddy crush some obstacles in 2022! Training equipment for the home gym or to bring to your local gym will drastically help improve the grip training!

I recommend: A hangboard, nun-chucks and grip balls from Platinum Rig / F5rce or some wooden gym rings or some do-it-yourself gear.

Training program?

I’m not here to sell myself or anything.. But! Check out my 4- & 8-week #getagrip programs right here

8. Show it OFF!

Represent that bling!

Obstacle Racers do love their race bling and those medals should be seen! A medal hanger, maybe a customized one, would result in a big “oh yeah!” from OCR addicts!

Print it!

Yes, I said it. Print out some of the best OCR race photos! Pay that awesome photographer some cash for the high-res photo and make Christmas a little extra special this year.

9 Carbs, caffeine & protein


You should (as an endurance athlete) rarely fear Carbs. Even if you’re on a weight loss journey, then don’t starve yourself – it won’t end well.

Wish for your favourite endurance Bars, which you can snack immediately after a workout. It’s not just for fun you often find me with a Clif Bar in hand after a workout!

Proteins and #gains

Most people get PLENTY of protein, BUT – most people don’t get enough immediately after their strength or running sessions. Get yourself some Builder’s Bars with your favourite taste and add it to your wishlist.

10. Socks

Merino, looks or fit?

Socks! I’m biiig on socks and I’ve tried quite a few. My absolute favourites are those made of merino wool and with a good fascia support. Personally I use the Inov8 socks for most of my training, but race in the Liiteguard performance socks. None look much cooler than the ones from SAYSKY, though!

So – style, fit, wool or what are you looking for?! I like to have some of all 🙂 

That’s my 5 cents for a top 10 Christmas Wish List for OCR addicts. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. Stay sharp and keep developing your skills – be that on obstacles, at running or any other venture in life. See you in the 2022 OCR season, I hope!

Disclaimer: As you know, I’m sponsored by a variety of businesses and product. Follow the link to my sponsors to find out more and also for discount codes for some of my partners. This blog post has not been made, motivated or paid by any of my sponsors or other brands. It’s for #fun and for you guys.

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