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The 8 and 4-week grip- & pull power programs developed by the #getagrip king himself!

When buying the program online you receive an E-mail with the programs  attached as a 37-page and a 21-page PDF-fil. There’s also eternal access to a secret YouTube channel with all relevant video material. A total of 26 videos incl. the 19 follow along training sessions for the 8-week program and 9 videos for the 4-week program, which will help you increase your capacity!

An 8-week program with the purpose of  improving your grip- and pull power capacity. It will help you to be strong enough to complete obstacles beforehand "impossible" or become faster and more efficient at ones you already know how to do. Not because of obstacle technique, but raw strength, body awareness and improved fatigue resistance. If you want to prepare your body for the 8-weeks ahead, take on the 4-week program first. 

Every workout has a follow-along video in the 8-week program, warm-up / injury prevention video and and introduction to the exercises used.

Equipment: A pull-up bar, rubber bands and a few weights should do the trick! Any gym will have all the equipment you need, and probably also your home gym.

Improve your capacity and get a grip!
// Leon Kofoed

2 reviews for Get both programs!

  1. Emanuela

    Leon is a true champion, both as an athlete and as a coach and inspirer. The workouts are well explained and seriously structured. Bravo!

  2. Manu Ciuffoli

    Great program! Leon is a real champion both as an athlete and as a coach and inspirer.

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