Upcoming races and past results

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Savage RaceUSA, Georgia27/03/2021OCR10 KM
Toughest Race – MalmöSweden15/05/2021OCR8 KM
Bestial Race – FuertaventuraSpain10/07/2021OCR12 KM
FISO Ninja World ChampionshipsRussia15/08/2021Ninja100 M
FISO World ChampionshipsRussia21/08/2021OCR3 KM
Toughest – OsloNorway04/09/2021OCR8 KM
OCR World ChampionshipsUSA, Vermont24/09/2021OCR3 KM
OCR World Team ChampionshipsUSA, Vermont26/09/2021OCR9 KM
Red Bull Conquer the CastleRosenholm, Denmark02/10/2021OCR4x4KM
Spartan Race Trifecta World ChampsGreece5-7/11/2021OCR36 KM
Spartan Race World ChampionshipsAbu Dhabi04/12/2021OCR21 KM


Savage Race – BlitzFlorida, USA14/03/2021OCR5 KM
Savage Race – Florida SpringsFlorida, USA13/03/2021OCR10 KM42:062nd
Spartan Race USNS SprintJacksonville, Florida28/02/2021OCR5 KM28:4910th
Reborn OCR – Land of the OldDenmark07/11/2021OCR5 KM30:102nd
Red Bull Conquer the CastleDenmark18/11/2021OCR4x 4KM21:304th
Spartan Race – SuperSlovakia20/10/2020OCR11 KM1:14:248th
Spartan Race – BeastSlovakia19/10/2020OCR24 KM2:57:3912th
Reborn OCR – LedreborgDenmark22/08/2020OCR9 KM49:253rd
Reborn OCR – The PitDenmark22/02/2020OCR5 KM32:402nd
Spartan Race SoCalUSA26/01/2020OCR5 KM28:413rd
Bestial RaceSpain07/12/2019OCR12 KM1:26:362nd
OCR World Championships – Team RelayEngland13/10-2019OCR9 KM44:461st
OCR World Championships – Short CourseEngland11/10-2019OCR4 KM22:375th
Red Bull Conquer the CastleDenmark29/09-2019OCR4 x 4 KMDNF
Reborn Prison EscapeDenmark21/09-2019OCR8 KM39:421st
Toughest CopenhagenDenmark14/09-2019OCR8 KM40:115th
Reborn OCR – Ledreborg SlotDenmark24/08-2019OCR8 KM41:432nd
Apstacle OCRDenmark04/08 – 2019OCR5 KM33:021st
OCR European Championship 2019
Team Relay
Poland29/06-2019OCR10 KM1:00:124th
OCR European Championship 2019
Standard Course
Poland28/06-2019OCR16 KM1:43:279th
OCR European Championship 2019
Short Course
Poland27/06-2019OCR6 KM41:271st
Reborn Obstacle ChampionDenmark15/05-2019Ninja16 obstacles3:541st
Toughest MalmöSweden11/05-2019OCR8 KM39:525th
Ultimate OCRSweden04/05-2019OCR9 KM48:534th
OCR Police ChallengePortugal28/04-2019OCR10 KM49:242nd
Narodnaya Gonka
The People’s Race
Russia20/04-2019OCR8 KM31:121st
Barbarian Race – WarriorPoland07/04-2019OCR13 KM59:122nd
Barbarian Race – ArrowPOLAND06/04-2019OCR2 x 200 M3:425th
Reborn OCR – The PitDENMARK23/02-2019OCR5 KM28:412nd
Spartan Race – Arizona SuperUSA10/02-2019OCR6 KM1:10:263rd
Sparten Race – SoCal SprintUSA27/01-2019OCR6 KM29:284th
Red Bull – All InGERMANY16/12-2018OCR3 X 2,5 KM2nd
GARMIN TrailmanDENMARK09/12/2018Trail race6 KM25:311st
SAYSKY Sub RosaDENMARK05/12/2018Road Orienteering9 KM32:221st
OCR World Championships 2018
Team Relay
ENGLAND21/10-2018OCR 44:483rd
OCR World Championships 2018
Short Course
ENGLAND19/10-2018OCR3 KM 16:427th
Red Bull Conquer the CastleDENMARK6-7/10-2018OCR4 x 4 KM28:324th
Uppsala Survival / Ultimate OCR Tour FinalSWEDEN30/09-2018Survival12 KM7th / 1st
Reborn OCR – Prison EscapeDENMARK22/09-2018OCR7 KM39:423rd
Barbarian Race – ArrowPOLAND28-29/07-2018OCR300 M3rd
Berzerk OCRSWEDEN21/07-2018OCR9 KM43:101st
OCR European Championships 2018
Team Relay
DENMARK01/07-2018OCR9 KM1st
OCR European Championships 2018
Short Course
DENMARK29/06-2018OCR3 KM1st
Toughest StockholmSWEDEN16/06-2018OCR8 KM45:2710th
Red Bull 400 – TrondheimNORWAY02/06-2018Hill Race3 x 400 M14th
Toughest MalmöSWEDEN05/05-2018OCR8 KM42:5813th
Ultimate OCRSWEDEN28/04-2018OCR9 KM48:353rd
MT Robert Fell RunNEW ZEALAND18/02-2018Fell Run16 KM5th