Sponsors and discounts

I pride myself of having reliable, trustworthy and high-quality sponsors and partnerships.
I know all of my sponsors personally and their support is vital to my carreer. I hope to work with all of them for many more years!

Garmin is a world-leading company which developes a wide range of GPS navigation and wearables for athletes, automotive, aviation and fitness. Leon is currently using the Fenix 6 Sapphire PRO watch to track running, strength training, optimal rest and much more. Leon made the switch to Garmin a few years back and hasn’t looked back since! He even stole the motto of #beatyesterday, which Leon tries to do with his training on a daily basis!

Fix You Sports Clinic is a sportsmassage and physiotherapy clinic which focuses on treating OCR and Crossfit athletes. Owner (and main man) Mathias is incredibly passionate about his profession and about his clients, athletes and the sport of OCR. Over the course of 3 years, he has achieved a high level of sportsmassage and sportsacupuncture education, which has geared him to handle most any injury. Leon visits Mathias often, also to work around potential injuries and past ghosts trying to sneak up on Leon during hard training sessions.

Discount code:
Receive 10% off your first treatment at Fix You with code “KofoedOCR10”

DOP – Din Online Partner is a full-service marketing agency, who delivers in all aspects of digital marketing. DOP – Din Online Partner is placed in Copenhagen, Denmark, with an enthusiastic team who is ready for any tasks regarding online marketing or graphic designs. Kasper and his team has always been keen to help Leon Kofoed with his social image and digital presence. DOP are proud sponsors of Leon Kofoed and are the creators of Leonkofoed.com.  


Inov8 is an OCR and trail world-leading shoe brand with the best possible grip and fit for almost any athlete! I pursued a collaboration with Inov8 for so long, I had to turn down 3 major competitors before I finally bridged the gap. Why? It’s simple, Leon will NOT accept running in nothing less than the best possible shoe for his feet and for his racing capabilites. Inov8 has proven over and over again to be just that brand – now #getagripand get some Inov8s!

Favourite shoes are the X-talon 210’s and the TrailTalon 235, but I am also crazy about the softshell running jacket in which he is often spotted.

SAYSKY is a Copenhagen based apparal brand and, to me, leading in Europe when it comes to creating cool, high-end performance gear for runners and triathletes. With an urban and casual attitude, SAYSKY sets a new standard for quality and style. With mottos like “NO MIRACLES” the SAYSKY brand is made to be used by athletes who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter if that goal is a sub-16 minute 5k or finishing your very first 5k, just put in the work and SAYSKY will help you get there!

I can almost always be spotted wearing a pair of SAYSKY tracksters, the most comfortable training pants in the world.

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CLIF bars have been my quilty pleasure for longer than I’d like to admit. There’s something amazing about now finally representing this brand which doesn’t build on fitness trends, but on the actual needs of endurance athletes. CLIF bars understand adventures, has amazing taste and they’re crafted with a purpose – to provide the energy we need!

Zentabox.dk is a young Danish business which has an innovative and interesting perspective on daily vitamins. They seek to supply athletes, exercisers and regular people with personal and healthy vitamins, acknowleding most people are different and can’t just grap an all-in-one pill. Simply take their free vitamin test on their website and get a very reasonable quote on a monthly subscription on your very own personal vitamins!

Discount code:
Receive 10% off your monthly vitamin supply with code “leonkofoed”