Grip- & pull power program (English)

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The 8 and 4-week grip- & pull power programs developed by the #getagrip king himself!

When buying the program online you receive an E-mail with the programs  attached as a 37-page and a 21-page PDF-fil. There’s also eternal access to a secret YouTube channel with all relevant video material. A total of 26 videos incl. the 19 follow along training sessions for the 8-week program and 9 videos for the 4-week program, which will help you increase your capacity!

The 8-week and 4-week #getagrip programs combines the necessary training for your forearms, arms and back muscles to lift and carry your own bodyweight. By improving this capacity, we fulfil the purpose of all the hard work - to make it possible for YOU, to overcome obstacles previously considered impossible. The programs don't have tips and tricks for obstacle completion, no we take on the bigger challenge of actually preparing your body for the challenge ahead. I'm excited to follow your journey!

Almost every single workout has a follow-along video, sometimes with other faces from the OCR community you recognize. There's warm-up videos, technical explanations and also an injury prevention training.

Equipment: You'll need a pull-up bar, rubber bands and some weights. Most you'll have at home and all the fancy stuff is at your local gym if you prefer going there.

Now let's increase your capacity to lift and move your bodyweight!

// Leon Kofoed

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