The OCR Program


Maximize your OCR potential with our comprehensive training program, designed by OCR World Champions. Tailored for recreational athletes, it features adaptable workouts focused on strength, endurance, and grip. Perfect your training structure and prepare to conquer any obstacle race!


Elevate your obstacle course racing skills with our OCR Training Program, designed by World Champions Leon Kofoed and Ida Mathilde. Tailored for the passionate OCR athlete, this program blends structure with flexibility, allowing for personal adjustments to suit individual fitness levels and goals.

Our comprehensive program covers all the essentials of OCR training:
– Endurance Running: Develop stamina and speed with progressive running plans.
– Strength Training: Build power and resilience with workouts that enhance muscle strength and agility.
– Grip Training: Increase your grip strength and endurance, essential for conquering challenging obstacles.
– Tips & Tricks: Learn effective techniques to speed up recovery and prevent injuries, ensuring you stay in top form.

Whether you’re preparing for your first race or looking to improve your personal best, our program provides all the tools you need for success in your day-to-day training. Embrace a structured training approach with the freedom to adapt to your needs, and start your journey to becoming a stronger, faster, and more confident OCR athlete today!


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