This is my first race as an official SAYSKY athlete. SAYSKY produces premium performance sportswear with an urban and casual attitude and I’ve been longing to join the team for longer than I’d like to admit. The SAYSKY athlete team consist of world class runners and triathletes – check them out here!

Now, let’s get to the race. The SAYSKY Sub Rosa event is thrilling – and for most, a brand new race format! An urban ‘orienteering’ event for a small group of athletes chosen by 5k race times and without registration fees. The distance is set between 5-10 km and SAYSKY promises more of these pop-up events around Europe in 2019. That’s pretty damn cool.

30-40 athletes gathered in the center of Copenhagen after nightfall, none knew how long or where to run – only that they had to run! A mere 10 seconds before the race starts the organizers yelled: “first checkpoint is Østre Gasværk!”. 3-2-1 and GO, we ran into the dark. It’s kind of funny, neither Nikolaj or I knew exactly where Østre Gasværk is, so we had to follow the leader and hope for the best. We also agreed to stick together as Nikolaj could easily get lost in Copenhagen and he could help keep the pace whilst I navigated. A solid and fun plan!

Photo: Nicklas Fenger (SAYSKY)

With minimal warm-up, we took the first 1k “easy” and after managing the first checkpoint, we’re finally feeling warm enough to increase pace as we speed towards 2nd checkpoint, the top of Konditaget Lüders southern staircase. I know a somewhat short route to this checkpoint which ensures a lead on the faster runners. Knowing we’re in front we make sure to hurry to checkpoint 3 at Parken Stadium – not seeing anyone on our tails. Phew! That was great for me, as we’re 5k into the race and I’m getting tired 😀

Long story short, we raced well and navigated safely to all checkpoints. I manage to slip in the win with 2 seconds and the total distance is 9,04km in which we kept an average pace of 3:37. In other words, a rather long tempo run! It’s not possible to push the pace much more when you don’t know when the race is over, which I think is super cool! Also, many athletes managed to run much further than our route, some up to +11km! Check out the Strava flybys here.

Strava included my sloppy and panicked 400m warm-up

SAYSKY is also the founder of the infamous COP RUN, a 15x1000m relay with teams of 3, which has been held around Denmark a total of 9 times. I’m hoping to see many more of those events in 2019. Until then, make sure to stay tuned on the coolest running apparal at

Now eyes are on my next winter-season event, the Red Bull All In, held in Germany next weekend. I’ll keep you guys in the loop!

// Leon