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Unlock your potential with our new OCR training program. Releasing May 24th!

We made this for you!

We’re thrilled to introduce a training program that we’ve crafted for OCR enthusiasts who are eager to have structure in their OCR training, but may not be ready to commit to personal coaching. It’s a difficult task to tailor an OCR program, but after countless requests, we’ve done it!

Developed by us, Leon Kofoed and Ida Mathilde—both experienced OCR World Champions—this 8 week program is designed to meet the needs of age group OCR athletes looking to elevate their game.

Who Is This Program For?
Our program is tailored for OCR athletes at the recreational and age group level who want to experience structured training without the commitment or investment required for personal coaching. The program is adjustable according to personal level and ambition, with training suited for races between 3 and 21 kilometers. Whether you’re preparing for your first race or looking to improve your performance in upcoming events, our program offers the flexibility and guidance necessary to help you succeed.

Flexibility and Personalization
We understand that every athlete is unique, with different strengths, weaknesses, and personal goals. That’s why our program includes guidelines on how to modify workouts to accommodate your fitness level and training goals. This flexibility ensures that you can make the most out of every session, progressing at your own pace.

What Does the Program Include?
The program spans various components essential for comprehensive OCR training, and each section is detailed with clear instructions and variations. Additionally, we provide practical tips and tricks to navigate race day nerves, warm-up routines and much more.


This program is designed to enhance both your speed and endurance through structured running sessions in 3 different levels. By systematically increasing the distance and intensity of runs, you’ll develop the stamina needed on OCR courses. 


Is not just about building muscle but mainly about enhancing power and resilience needed to overcome obstacles efficiently. This program is tailored to strengthen
key muscle groups used in OCR following tested methods.


Grip strength is critical in OCR for successfully navigating obstacles that require hanging, pulling, and holding. Our program specifically addresses grip training for those purposes and it’s different from Leon’s 8-week #getagrip program. These workouts are more simple and are structured around your other sessions.

Tips & tricks

Alongside the training, this program offers an array of tips and tricks to boost efficiency across different aspects of OCR specific training. We especially want to help you implement effective pre- and post-race and training routines to maximize performance and speed up recovery.

By joining our 8-week OCR program, you’ll gain:

Structured Training: Follow a well-organized schedule that balances various types of workouts, ensuring all-around development and, hopefully, interesting workouts.
Expert Insights: Benefit from the insights and learnings that have helped us and many other athletes succeed in the world of OCR. Race day success is earned in your day-to-day training routines.
A Lifetime Product: Use this program right away and over, and over, and over again. No subscription needed, we’ll simply send you an extensive .pdf file which you can keep digitally forever. 

Our training program is more than just a set of workouts; it’s a guide designed to transform your approach to OCR training. There’s a gap in knowledgesharing about how to structure this hybrid (OCR is truly hybrid, right?) way of training, and we’re here to close it. With our expertise and your dedication, you can unlock new levels of performance and enjoy every step of your OCR journey.

Join us, and let’s dare to dream upstream and get a grip on your OCR training!

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