Reborn OCR – Ledreborg Slot


August 22, 2020, Denmark
“I’m chasing my teammate in a common pursuit to beat Belgium”

Finally a race!

I knew before the start, that Reborn Ledreborg Castle would be one heck of a race with all the fast Danes + Thomas Buyle (BEL) toeing the startline. 
Having taken the win at Prison Escape last year I did something I too often forget to do: Consider myself a contender for the top of the podium. This was MY race and I wanted to take control of it.

A rollercoaster of expectations.. The Danish government already approved for Reborn to host Ledreborg Castle, but with most events getting cancelled or postponed it was almost too good to be true. COVID19 had OCR and sports organizers all over the world (well, Russia seems to just roll at it?) down on both knees crying. But Reborn OCR are willing to really go the distance and a hard fought battle led to a corona-adjusted setup and one heck of a race! 
Unfortunately many racers had to postpone their race to the following weekend because of bad internal communication by the municipality authorities, but the ELITE heat and many more could start as scheduled! So we strapped on our X-talons, put on a pair of gloves, short shorts and get ready for battle.

Off we go! Buyle sets a burning pace with Drescher hot on his heels. I chase Nikolaj and repeat a single sentence to myself; “it’s a long race”. Over walls, down a hill and we do a loop with a jerry can. The guys are still pushing up the hills as we approach the low rig. To my luck I nail the technique perfectly and I’m still feeling fresh! More than 1000 likes on the post-race low rig video proved, it was a dope move! I reel in the guys and after a fast descent, a traverse, slide, haloes and Ice Flakes the front pack is as close as pearls on a necklace! 

We push through the water and I make a move to break Drescher and stay close to Buyle and Dam. I’m in 3rd and honestly, from here on now it’s not that interesting! Buyle is in the lead, Nikolaj right on his ass and then me. Every obstacle I see one or both of them and at all carries I evaluate distance, pacing strategy and so on. I stay in control and clear all obstacles flawlessly, I cruise through the beautiful forest and I grind through the carries!

After having dragged my sorry little ass through the 200m chain carry, I decide now is the time to crush my opponents. They have a healthy lead, so I push the running pace to make up for it. I clear Wheel of Steel, smash a hammer to a tire and crush the Atlas Stone lift. I can see no one behind me and it fires me up to run fast into The Dominator, praying that Dam & Buyle are slow turtles on the rig. Unfortunately, they weren’t! 

The last ~1k has some dope obstacles and I make sure to stay on top of my game, especially at the plyometric Ricochet. I try to increase my pace with 500m to go, but I’m slowly running out of gas.. It’s been a brutal +9k course and with a tricky balance beam in the end, all I could do was to hope the guys fell down. And Buyle did!!

The story would’ve been better if it ended with me crushing the guys just before the finish line, but that’s not how it happened. Nikolaj have such a story to tell, as he for the first time in the race overtook Buyle, just 10m from the finish line! I embrace him as I finish 3rd (bad Leon, no touching…) and we laugh about how awesome the race was. The distribution of obstacles, the terrain and racing each other. We had a blast!

I’ve met a bunch of people after the race who gave me a somewhat pityfull look after the race. Guys, don’t do that! I had a fucking blast and I got to race with athletes who simply ran faster than I did on the day! I’m very, very satisfied, I’m motivated and I’m stoked we could race again! I’m all about the next one, which is coming veeeeery soon!

Seeing the OCR community get back together and unite at Reborn was incredible to me. I’m happy y’all had an amazing time, I’m happy you liked the vests I made and I’m happy to have seen you on the course and to have taught you a few tricks during the pre-event workouts. Until next time!

Men’s Podium:

1) Nikolaj Dam
2) Thomas Buyle
3) Leon Kofoed

Women’s Podium:
1) Ida Mathilde
2) Ulrikke Evensen
3) Maria Lund

Photos by Jens Petersen, and Reborn OCR (Morsch Photo)

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