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Since winning the grip-intense OCR European Championships in 2018, I’ve been wanting to share my training and workouts. I’ve done so through OCR Training Denmark, were I’ve hosted events for +4500 athletes, done personal training with a grip and pull power focus and educated new coaches with World OCR.

I love the grip aspect of training and my passion drives me to improve, to learn and now to share as well. I am excited about this new program and I hope you enjoy the workouts!

Who is the 8-week program for? I am very well aware most can’t do 30 pull-ups. Most struggle with 10 and many more can’t do 1 just yet. But if you’re looking into improving not just your pull-up capacity, but also your grip strength – this program is for you. You can hear my thoughts on the subject in this video, but to put it into simple words – if you can complete 8-10 pull-ups already with or without help from rubber bands, then you’re ready for the 8-week program. I don’t care how many rubber bands you use, as long as you can hang with straight arms and then get your chin over the bar. 

If you’re not yet capable of doing 8-10 pull-ups with rubber bands or if you’re worried about taking on the big program with your current shape, then the 4-week strength training guide is for you! 8 great workouts will help you and your body prepare for the grip- & pull power program. You can also buy the 2 programs as a bundle and save 19 EUR.

Both programs comes as a PDF-file and has 2-4 workouts a week, that’ll take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to complete. These will supplement your regular training routine – which means I’m not asking you to change your life, hobbies and relationship to improve, but simply to add a little extra spice to what you already do!

Why did I make this program now? The truth is, I finally had the time. I broke my leg at the end of March ’21 and the next few months had me spending a lot of time on the couch. With time on my hands and an expensive recovery journey on its way, I put thoughts to real action – and here we are!

Well, how does the program adjust to your level? Rubber bands is the only way we can adjust weight in the pull-up movement pattern. We can do ring rows, bend-over-rows and much more as assisting/alternative exercises, but weight adjustment is key. It is vital you adjust weight as explained in the program and/or the follow along video.

The program is structured with classic strength training in mind: volume, sets & reps, power and improvement over time. Just like a squat program, we need to adjust weight. The rubber bands will be king.  

It’s vital to understand and accept how muscle building, recruitment and activation works – and I’ve done the homework for you. The program takes this into account and I hope you trust me to handle your training.


Follow along videos! Yeah, you heard it right – let’s train together! I’ve recorded hours upon hours of follow along videos, so you can train with me! Mostly I’ll be working out with you, taking care of the timing, counting and so on. But other times you’ll work out with someone else! A recreational crossfitter (my intern), an OCR athlete or a friend of mine. During those videos I’ll be coaching, cheering and guiding you through the workout too.

All follow along videos will be available on a secret YouTube playlist and you’ll have them available once buying the program. Every workout with a follow along video also has a quick go-to button for the associated video in the program.

The 8-week program also contains 3 warm-up videos hosted by myself, Ida Mathilde and Nikolaj Dam. Furthermore there’s an injury prevention video to help you stay injury-free and make your arms and shoulder bulletproof. 

Instructional videos and exercise walkthroughs! Each program has 2 baseline instructional videos: An introduction video and an explanation of exercises. The 8-week grip- & pull power program also comes with a pull-up technique video to help you make the most out of your training and ensure proper muscle activation.

The 4 week strength and conditioning program: Prepare your body to take on 8 weeks of grip and pull intensive training! The goal is not necessarily to get you to your first pull-up, but that might happen as well. It is to ensure your muscles, tendons and technique is on point for the tast at hand.

If you’re in doubt about which program to go for – buy the bundle and start with the 4-week program!

Questions? Reach out to me via mail on or directly on Instagram

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